How teaser gun works?!

Question: How teaser gun works!?
I have seen many videos where police officer uses teaser gun to calm down the suspect!. Doesn't that hurt a human body anyhow!? It uses 50,000 volt - isn't that too high for human body!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

When taser gun is used, muscles of the suspect's body cannot move voluntarily!. In such case, the suspect falls down and will be almost disabled for next few seconds!. And during this time police officer can quickly get control over the suspect!. It is used mostly when suspect is out of control (possible threat to police), is running away from the officer, or is not obeying command given by the officer!.

The 50,000 volts of electricity take on the central nervous system by overriding its control of the body!. That is, the electricity prevents the brain from controlling the body: the taser imitates electronic pulses that match those used by the nerves; the nerves in question are those that transmit orders from the brain and to surrounding muscles!. Electronic pulses are what cause muscles to contract!. However, when the nerves that surround and transmit orders to muscles are flooded by electronic pulses that resemble their own, the normal signals that usually travel from the nerves to the muscles are drowned out!. In effect, the muscles will start to contract uncontrollably!.

It is still not safe to use it!. The use of the Taser has come under scrutiny in Canada following national media coverage of the 2007 Robert Dzieka

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