When and when not to eat?!

Question: When and when not to eat!?
i've heard you shouldn't eat past 7pm, but doesn't that depend on when you go to sleep!? i try to make sure i don't eat anything past 10pm, even though i'm usually awake until 3-4am!. i get really hungry after midnight, but i very rarely give in and eat anything, mainly because i don't want to have to floss and brush my teeth again!. but right now (3am) i feel like i'm starving! (and of course, i'm not sleepy!)

another thing is, i'm never hungry when i wake up, so i almost never eat anything until noon!. so basically i eat 2 or 3 times between the hours of 2pm-10pm and 0 times between 10pm and 2pm the next day, even though i'm usually awake for half of those hours!. wouldn't it be better to eat something when i'm hungry around 2-3am than to go that many hours without eating!?

thanks (in advance) for the info/advice! : )Www@Answer-Health@Com

It's perfectly fine to eat later at night, as long as after doing so you won't be over your daily calorie limit, and as far as being hungry early early in the morning, I would have a low calorie but filling snack, like an apple or granola bar with lots of water!. Whatever you do though, you need to try and get into the habit of eating breakfast!. If your not use to it, just start with something small, and build it up as your body gets use to it!. Never make yourself eat though if you feel sick or really full!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Eat when your hungry!.The body does slow it's metabolism while your sleeping so if you don't want to gain weight it's a good idea not to eat for 3 hours before going to sleep!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Nutritious breakfast!. Large lunch!. Small dinner!. That way you have energy in the day, and not so much food in the stomach at night!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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