How do i overcome my pooping in a toilet?!

Question: How do i overcome my pooping in a toilet!?
i know this sounds so crazy, but since i was a little girl, whenever i would need to poop, id hold it in / sometimes pooping myself in the process!. Though my mother never knew, because i'd make it discrete! When i knew i could not hold it in longer, id wait till i was all alone, then i'd quickly poop, then run away!! i hated it!! But over the years i was always suffering with tummyaches but i never knew what they were in relation to, until just last year! Apparently i had irritable bowel syndrome!. So i started pooping in a bucket, in my room, with the door locked!. And that has helped me until now! Pretty soon ill be starting college, and college requires me to stay on campus for 5 days a week!. I really don't know what i am to do, when i need to use the bathroom (because the toilet isn't in my room, we have to share)!! I am actually thinking of NOT going to college, because of this particular reason!! Please help me work out stradegies in order to be able to poop in a public toilet lol!!! PS i do not have the time or money to see a shrink!!! please don't let that be an option xWww@Answer-Health@Com

I have had similiar expierences as a child
its due to feeling ashamed of pooing because of (this seems to make sense!?) improper potty training from your parents!.!.!.
or w!.e buttt
you can get over it! just reallly try and talk to your parents if you can (not like that is easy or an option for many people) the problem is that it seems like a big deal
dont like your insecurities define you , focus on positive things on yourself
everything is linked and these kind of things usually have something to do with feeling ashamed, early embarassment (i was made fun of for stuff like this when i was younger by my dad )
just forgive forget and move on with your life
this kind of thing holds people back

Thats very silly, it is a perfectly natural process!? why put your self through that!? you need to speak to a physcologist about confidence and stuff!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

have your parents to pay for a shrink before you mess yourself up so bad you CAN'T poop anymore!.!.!.!.!.this is seriousWww@Answer-Health@Com

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