Mixing question: Focalin XR (ADHD medication) + Ecstasy?!

Question: Mixing question: Focalin XR (ADHD medication) + Ecstasy?
IF YOU'RE TOTALLY AGAINST RECREATIONAL DRUG USE, don't even bother reading any further, much less answering this question, preaching to me about how I'm making a terrible decision and it'll ruin my life... Blahblahblah.

So anyways...
I have ADHD and take 20mg of Focalin XR (Very similar to Ritalin) daily.
This Friday I'm gonna try Ecstasy for the first time, and I was just wondering if taking it while on Focalin would cause any problems, cancel eachother out, or what?

Oh and if it helps at all, I smoke marijuana occasionally... About 2 times a week. I've also done Vicodin.

- Bottom line:
What would happen if I were to take Ecstasy while on 20mg of Focalin XR?

Shank'ems, everyone! c:


i'll start by saying that since both ecstasy and focalin are stimulants, it's probably not the best thing for your body.

I take 56 mg of concerta daily and when i've used ecstasy on the same days as taking my concerta i've never noticed anything particularly strange that might have been result of the combination of the drugs. I don't know how focalin and concerta compare, but since your dose is smaller than mine you most likely won't have any problem.

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