Took three days to form a scab?!

Question: Took three days to form a scab?
I fell on the bathroom floor and on the way down I hit something, im not sure what it was, most likely a cabinet but I had 2 deep cuts above a large bruise or bump that is underneath. The cuts were deep and when i put peroxide on them they fizzed for 2 days. Second day I took a shower and it opened up, i put peroxide on it, it fizzed.

Now it's like the third or fourth day and it's finally scabbed.

What took so long to form a scab? It was moist for awhile and had moist new grown skin on it but not scabbed for a few days.

The deeper it is does it take longer to heal or is it something else?


You need to go to a doctor. It can mean a decrease in blood platelets.

Thats not good. :S

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