Questions for Weed smokers?!

Question: Questions for Weed smokers?
Weed smokers, how many times a day do you smoke weed?
Highschoolers, how do you sneak it and smoke it?
Is that the only drug that weed smokers smoke?
Is it addictive?
If you have it before bed, does it make you sleep? or keep you up...?
When did you start smoking it?
Does it clog your airways?
Can it just be a phase where you smoke it?


1. I used to smoke it about once a week. Sometimes twice
2. My high school doesn't really have any machines or check pockets at the entrance so bringing it in my pocket was never a problem.
3. No, my pothead friend does a whole of other ****. Coke, heroin, shrooms, and such. Weed is his favorite though...mostly cuz it's cheap and effective.
4. Not at least for me it wasn't. I stopped smoking for like 3 months already and i never was addicted.
5. I smoked with my friends and one of them got so blazed he passed out as soon as he closed his eyes. So can make you pass REALLY pass out
6. In the middle of the 2010 summer vacation.
7. I wouldn't say so. It kinda feels like it because your throat feels all dry and your mouth gets dry and your senses are way more alert so you "feel" every breath going in and out of your lungs.
8. what do you mean by phase. My friends and i always smoked it in a room with a vent. Sometimes, far in the woods where there would be no people strolling around and certainly no cops on patrol

my experiences :)

Usually around twice a day.

Keep it in a good hiding place and smoke with a nicely made sploof (if you dont know what this is just google it)

For me yes

Not at all. It can however become habitual just as TV and everything else can.

It all depends on your mind set. It helps me sleep when i need it to and it also helps me have a great time.

When i was about 16

No more than smoking cigarettes. As long as you live a healthy lifestyle your perfectly fine.

Yes it all depends on you priorities in life. If you were going nowhere before weed then its the same on it and you will most likely stay that way. If you have the desire to succeed and prosper then smoking can even help (although many choose to stop).

Personal Experience

Im no longer a weed smoker because not to long ago my parents caught me and now i get drug tested:( anyways i didnt do it daily just a couple of times a week. When i did i made sure i could leave the house for a couple of hours so the smell would wear of and i could could come down from my high a little bit. it wasnt hard to sneak around i only bought about 20 dollars worth at a time and i would just put the bag in my pocket but i made sure i stayed away from my parents. From what i know it is the only drug weed smokers smoke, its not like they smoke crack, some do smoke cigaretts. No, technicaly its not addictive but if you do it all the time and then quit you will have the urge to smoke again. The weed i got made me tired, the more you smoke the heavier you feel. somtimes i would just fall asleep on a chair or somthing because i was so tierd. it doesnt really clog my airways but i did hav more flem but nothing that was really noticable. and yes i went through fases, i would smoke more on vacations and almost never during school days. hope i helped


I've been smoking weed since I was 5 years old. I've been raping bitchez since I was 7, and now I'm 11 and I'm in jail. I'm on my mobile phone at the moment

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