My feet smell bad? 1O points!?!

Question: My feet smell bad? 1O points!?
I am in 9th grade and everyone in my class has to do some play thing. I am a dancer in it. So we have to take off our shoes. And yuucccck! My feet smell bad! haha.. Well, is there anything i can do before school to make my feet smell better? I do take showers. Or is there anything I can put in my shoes? HAHA please help. I ned to know by tomorrow morning!!!


I suggest you use a shoe fogger- It's a powerful can that blasts away any odor, residue and sweat in shoes. Products such as Fresh fogger usually cost about $5 at almost any store such as Target, DSW Shoes and Nike. If that doesn't help, then try to scrub slightly harder in between toes, heel and arch with a sponge. Good luck!

They sell things at the grocery store that you put in your shoes to make them smell better.
Just put moisturizer on your feet / wash them the night before and you'll be fine.

baby powder and or foot powder

10 points plz

Omg I dorgot what they are called...we used them for basketball....its like little airfreshener balls to put in ur shoes to keep them smelling fresh

try washing the bottom of your feet, and in between your toes. (soap should work)

wash it with soap

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