can somebody tell me what this is...?!

Question: Can somebody tell me what this is...?
whenever i go to my gym classes and sit on the floor i feel extremely weird everytime im alone in a huge empty room i get heat rushes heart pounding,dizzyness,feel depressed,but its not depression. what is this? i feel like im gonna passout or sumting. i get a feeling of sweatiness and a sudden feeling and want to escape everything. a few weeks ago i had the same problem and i felt like escaping. what is this feeling?what is this symptom? please dont tell me:"oh go to the doctor or anything". ive been to the doctor and i did have this before and they said i was dehydrated. when i felt better all i want to know how to get rid of this and i kinda tremble and i feel somehtings moving me idk what it is but how do i get rid of this asap


It's anxiety budd. My mom is the same way, except she gets that way around large crowds. But it can come in many forms, and your's seems to happen when you're alone. You can train your body to not feel worried in similiar situations (don't drink to calm your nerves, that could lead to alcoholism) and if it seems severe, see your doctor and explain the symptoms. He can prescribe you with medicine. Good luck!

Go to a doctor and explain these feelings completely.
It may be a problem with your nerves, or be a health condition, it may even be a mental problem.
It sounds like some kind of anxiety, I used to kind of get like this, but ask to go to the doctor because you've felt weird lately. :)

uuuum could be open or big space phobia some of the symptoms looks like panic atacks

It could be Agoraphobia
A fear of open spaces.
Or you could just have a low blood sugar , It could make you tired and weak.

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