Help! Stomach hurts so bad?!

Question: Help! Stomach hurts so bad?
It feels like I have ulcers(sp?) well idk cuz I don't hav them but they burn abd itch ESP if I move. (my stomach) and if I press on my stomach it hurts *2. ugh wat cud it b?! Oh btw I've hav had these pains since last nite.


It can be a number of things. Ulcers, gallstones, bad food, leaning on one side too long, exercise, kidney stones, constipation, or even appendicitis. With the later being most painful, you should see the doc immediately.

If it is not your Appendix than you are probably constipated. Seriously, you'd be surprised out how many people are admitted to the hospital because they are backed up. If you are experimenting with prescription painkillers than that is the cause.

Well that's not good.
Your appendix could have possibly ruptured.
When my brother's appendix busted he was very close to DYING!
To i would highly suggest you go to the emergency room.…

if the pain started in the middle and kinda moved down to the lower side then i would say deifnitly an apendicitis and you should go to an ER emediatly

a terrorist planted a bomb in my stomache

im the terrorist

Your appendix might have burst. I would recommend going to the doctor as soon as you can!

Go Now!!!!

yeah what Bill said

go to ER now!!!

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