Any adverse health problems from excessive self love?!

Question: Any adverse health problems from excessive self love?
I am away from my wife and family right now, and this is really the first time(been apart 2 1/2 months, and will be apart for 10 more).
I am used to a regular sex life so its been difficult.

My new crutch is obviously, masturbating, And I am up to about 2 times a day now(wake up and bed time).

Other then dry skin and sore testicles(I beat them like a hooker I wont be paying),

this won't hurt me in the future will it, or any long term issues???

Lol its in good fun, but a serious question - so no flaming please.


The only harm that can become of this is wearing the penis skin down if your hands are rough. Use oil or lotion with water for lubrication. There is no long term issues that comes with masturbating... it's good for you! Enjoy.


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