help! my first time smoking weed?!

Question: Help! my first time smoking weed?
so i got a few questions
-will i cough when i try it? i dont wana make it too ovious that im new at this bcuz ima b smoking with some of my homeboyz
-how much of weed can i get if i only have $20?
-if i try smoking a cigarette first will i not cough anymore wen i smoke weed?


yes you will cough, but i don't care who you sometimes your gunna cough.

you can get what people call a 20 bag. (about 2 grams.) it has enough weed in it to get you and your friends high for sure.

youuuuur still gunna cough sometime. EVERYONE does every once in a while. and its not like your homies are gunna care. no one willl.


You'll probably cough, but even people who smoke regularly cough. Just try not to inhale to much. Depends on the kind of weed your buying, but 20 will usually get you around a gram.

1. Yes when you hit big ones like a man
2. 2 grams, 2 joints, ex
2 No you will still cough

you shouldn't be smoking weed in the first place. why dont you do something better with your time? -___-

you will cough.....
twenty dollars is 1.5 grams
uhhhhh i dnt think the cigarette will work....

please dont try it! Drugs cause so many health problems, dont let yourself get to that state !!

smoking a cigarette with prob make u cough more especially if its ur first time. you will definitely cough. who cares though
depending on where you live..prob less then an 2 gs

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