What are your coping strategies for living with illness or disability?!

Question: What are your coping strategies for living with illness or disability?
Especially when the support you need isn't available.


I am very forgiving with myself. If I am having a really bad day, I just don't do anything. I have had to start putting myself first, which isn't my natural way. I still try to help my son and daughter and their families but sometimes have to say no now, which hurts me. I am on the low level dla care component but could really do with being on the next level. However, they only ask for specific things you can do such as having someone to help you shower or get into bed. I can just about manage those things but really need money to pay someone to clean my house and decorate. It doesn't seem to matter if you live in filth. It really is quite depressing but I try to focus on the positive things. I have had some good things in life, especially my family.

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