I have yellow toenails and fingernails, but my mom won't take me to the doc!

Question: I have yellow toenails and fingernails, but my mom won't take me to the doctor?
So I've had yellow toenails since June. It started on my left foot, not with one toe, all of them had a yellowish hue. They began to get darker yellow and my right foot began to get a yellowish hue. Now both feet have really yellow nails and my fingernails have begun to get a yellowish hue on my left hand. I've been using fungal cream since I first noticed it, but it doesn't help. I've tried a few different ones. I really want my mom to take me to the doctor so I can find out what's up with my nails, but she won't take me. We don't have insurance right now, so she can't pay for it. What am I supposed to do? How can I make my nails not yellow?


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To determine whether, in your case, a fungal infection is the reason for yellow toenails, you should visit your doctor and get a professional diagnosis. Since fungal nail infections are relatively common, your doctor will have seen yellow toenails before, and will be able to judge whether your nails are infected with fungus or whether you have some other problem that requires different treatment. If there is still doubt, a sample of your yellowish toenail can be taken and sent to the laboratory for testing.

my nails turn yellowish in the winter and when i wear nail polish for too long! Let them get some sun and that will probably take away some of the yellowish hue. If you paint your nails a lot make sure to use a base coat underneath so that the polish doesn't destroy your nails! Also use one of those buffer things with like 5 different sides, they are like a buck at Walmart and i promise they work miracles!

my infinite knowledge.

Sounds like jaundice/ kidney issues. You should go to the doctor, your kidneys may not be filtering your blood which causes they yellowing of your skin. Try to find a free clinic in your area, they are all over. And most likely wont charge you. Good luck!

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