Seeing flashing lights with sinus pain and............?!

Question: Seeing flashing lights with sinus pain and............?
hearing loss and pain, neck pain and stiffness (I was told 3 months ago I had a sever cervical strain but was unable to go to PT because I was sick with a sever sinus infection and they refused to take me back) but other then that I was fine, woke up with a cough with mucus but is gone now, sleeping a little more, and of course seeing flashing lights. I only see them when my sinus pain and neck pain and stiffness are at its peaks. I am have had this before so I had a CT scan and there was NOTHING the nero doctor said that she also looked in my eyes and she says my eyes were having problem focusing she could see they were going in and out of focus (I all ready have had this issues for many years I am suppose to were glasses but have not worn them for 2 years because there busted I am going back to the eye doctor soon). I was being exposed to mold for a year and have been sick for 8 months so we moved and I did not feel good when we left but now I DO feel better I am not dizzy anymore, not tired as bad any more and no more breathing issues.

Could it be the neck issues? The sinus issues? IT IS NOT A RETANA THING!

What freaked me out if a few days ago I was in the shower I had sinus pain and when I blew my nose mold like green looking fuzzy thing came out and I called my mom and she said she had never seen things like that (She was a old person nurse).
I am 14 female!


I'm wondering if you could be experiencing migraines that you're mistaking as coming from your neck and sinuses. The reason that I mention this is that some people start to experience migraines during puberty, and the flashing lights you mentioned could be what is referred to as an aura. Some people with migraine experience things like flashing lights, dizziness and ringing in the ears either just before or during the headache. The reason I suggest something outside of your eyes and sinuses is because since the CT came back clear it might be time to start considering other possibilities for your symptoms. If you think your problems could be due to migraine, ask your doc what she thinks. You may even try a trial of something like Imitrex to see if it helps you. There are several types of headaches, and you may just need to find the right type that fits your symptoms.

I don't blame you for being frustrated. It can be very difficult to know there's something wrong with your body and have to keep waiting and waiting for answers. I was born with a rare defect in my immune system and have been sick since I was 6 months old. I was 24 before the doctors finally figured out what was wrong with me. I've had many times through the years where I was frustrated beyond belief, especially when they would try to tell me it was in my head. The most important thing you can do to help yourself is don't give up. Keep after the doctors until they give you an answer that makes sense. Don't accept answers like "just live with it", or "it just the way things are". You are your best advocate. Good luck to you. :)

I'm a critical care paramedic, and a patient.

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