Why is my weed sparkling?!

Question: Why is my weed sparkling?
i got this weed from my friend yesterday it smells good but doesn't have the best smell, however, whenever i take a hit the weed sizzles.. kinda like just when you put a burger on the grill
what does this mean, is the weed laced or something? thanks


Dealers don't waste their time lacing drugs they sell. Otherwise they lose money. And anything more than weed gets pretty expensive. If you buy the weed and smoke it in your own company they would not benefit one single bit out of it. And trust me thats all dealers worry about. Profit. The only way they would get something out of it is if they asked you to smoke with them while they knew it was laced to take advantage of you. Other than that I can see no other plausible reason.

I lived with a drug dealer for many many years

That happens every now and again. Most likely its not laced with anything, its just how it burns. As long as it tastes fine and doesn't have any strange effects you will be just fine. If its sparkling in strange colors, tastes bad or does have strange effects then it may be laced, and probably with something not very healthy. But 99 out of 100 times your just fine.

lacered with that chrys fool. or maybe angel dust in which case, care for a song? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRpikSZHHRY
at any rate, weed is very rarely laced with anything, i wouldn't freak out, people usually don't waste drugs just for the hell of it.

yeah most probably been laced dont smoke it you never know what's been put in it if you do you are stupid for doing so so just dont

Sounds like it's laced with angel dust... I wouldn't smoke it unless you feel like almost dying..

Ah, that sort of weed.

burger upon the girl

I wouldn't smoke it.

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