why does marijuana make you tired?!

Question: Why does marijuana make you tired?
My friends always talk about how tired and 'burnt out' they are after getting high. Why is this? What causes it??


Richard, the fact that life is short is the reason why most people choose to smoke weed. You always have more fun while high than while sober. You only live once, so enjoy yourself as much as possible.

They feel tired because cannabis has a sedative, relaxing effect (while it can also make you more energetic, depending on how you feel to begin with).
There is a chemical in the brain called anadamide that connects to cannabis /THC receptors in the brain and makes you feel tired. When you smoke weed, the active chemical (THC) connects perfectly to the cannabis/THC receptor and has the same function as anandamde, except it breaks down slower, causing you to feel high. Different strains of weed have different cannabanoids (but they all have THC) that affect the body and brain in different ways. Certain strains will give more of a sedative effect than others.

It's a sign - that you shouldn't be smoking anything. Get outside, explore the world, be active. Do something, besides sitting and blowing smoke through your lungs, life's too short.

Like many things your body consumes. It depends on the type.

Hummm - it always gave me a lot of energy.

It is a depressant which means it slows down your body functions...ie you get tired

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