I think I have low blood sugar. Is this making me crave gatorade?!

Question: I think I have low blood sugar. Is this making me crave gatorade?
I'm always tired and I'm not sure why. I'm underweight. And gatorade is soooo good, it makes me feel better. Why is this?


You could actually have high blood sugar (which means diabetes). Diabetes is when your pancreas doesn't make any or enough insulin. Insulin allows the food that you eat get into your cells to give your energy. Without this insulin no energy is getting into your cells...so that explains the tiredness and being underweight and the craving for sugary drinks. I have type 1 (juvenile) diabetes and my symptoms were weight loss, tiredness, hunger/thirst, urinating alot basically. Symptoms can vary from person to person so it's important to go and see your doctor because you will die if you have type 2 and leave it untreated or you will suffer from blindness, kidney failure, loss of sensation (including sexual abilities), and possible lef/foot amputation and heart attack.

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