What just happened to me?!?!?!

Question: What just happened to me?!?!?
Okay so you know when you sit for a long time then get up fast your vision sort of blacks out for a few seconds? So I was sitting in my living room for like 3 hours then got up and walked to my kitchen, and I just started to shake uncontrollably and everything went black(I didn't completely black out I just couldn't see). I was kind of thinking but couldn't really comprehend what was going on the only reason I knew what was going on was because I was leaning against a half open door and It was making noise. I tried to stop but couldn't. It lasted for only like 8 seconds. When it was over I didn't know where I was for a second then I didn't remember walking to the kitchen. I have lost my vision for a few seconds after getting up too fast, but it has never been this bad and I have never started shaking before. What Is wrong with me? Am I okay?
Ps I'm 14



It's called Orthostatic Hypotension. Basically, you got up really fast after having been at a resting state for a long period of time and your blood pressure was relatively low. When you stand or get up really fast, it takes the body a few seconds to increase the blood pressure, until then not as much blood is getting to your brain as it needs and you get lightheaded/ dizzy/ shaking/ blackout. If this only happens every now and then, it's fine and nothing to worry about. However, if this starts happening frequently, you need to be seen by a doctor as there may be something going on.

just use multi vitamin tablets for one month

i am nurse

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