I want to gain weight?!

Question: I want to gain weight?
I know i have asked this question a lot of times.
I am almost 14, 5"1, 80lbs & a 32AA
I have a high metabolism, I am underweight, I really want to gain weight tho. I did start puberty but I don't have my period. I want to gain weight! What are some exact names of foods/snacks that I should eat so I could weight more. Healthy foods that gain healthy weight! Thanks!(:


Well first step would be to exercise and build muscle (yes even though you are a girl), it will help give you that toned look.

When looking to gain weight, you want to eat high quality foods which are rich in protein, don't be afraid of good fats (such as fats in olive oil) and carbs. Milk is good if you want to gain weight, most lean cuts of meat, nuts like almonds as well.

Also if u eat at night that stuff it might help gain weight cuz I hear that eating at night does that to you

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