what should i eat this morning?!

Question: What should i eat this morning?
I am really hungry this morning but i don't know what i should eat..what do you re command??


BACON!! and scrambled eggs .... and bread!! ... yumm

A toasted bagel with a sausage in the middle.Mmmmmmmmm don't forget the orange juice.Oooor you could have a stack of fluffy pancakes with a slab of butter and bacon on the side with a glass of milk.Oh baby!

Great.Now I'm hungry.=(


Bacon on Toasted cheese,along with Two fried eggs and mushrooms,washed down with a mug of tea...Indian..

I like to eat kitty for breakfast. Meow meow!!

i recommand brekfast

porridge with tinned two fruits in it and a glass of juice!! Yum!

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