Pins and needles in cheek?!

Question: Pins and needles in cheek?
Hey. I've had light pins and needles in my cheek for under an hour. It began whilst I was studying for my maths exam. Could it be caused by stress? I also didn't get much sleep last night. My mum noticed me prodding my cheek and I told her. She told me to lie down and when I did, I got random sudden 'butterflies' in my stomach. My mum told me to keep breathing slowly and it went away. Was I having a mini-panic attack? I know this may be irrelevant and sorta awkward but.. I'm on my period if that means anything. xD

If it doesn't go away after I rest, my mum is taking me to the doctors. So, have you had anything similar to this? If so, how did you get rid of it? What do you think this is?

Thank you guys.

p.s. It is not painful, just uncomfortable. :)


i had something similar. i went out for a meal with my boyfriend and all of a sudden i started to feel like tingling sensation in my right cheek. it was all my cheek and went down to my chin. then it felt numb like i'd been to the dentist. i was so freaked out i panicked. after a while it went and i haven't had it since. i did read up about it and it says it's due to stress.
if you get it again then you should go to the doctors, just to be on the safe side
good luck

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