i have NO energy!!!!?!

Question: I have NO energy!!!!?
EVERY DAY i feel physically and mentally exhausted, especially after school!!! i do get enough sleep and i do eat a proper diet. How can i stop being drained from school all the time? (extra info: i'm a freshman in high school, im 15 years old, female, and don't exercise much, and i already know what foods help boost energy)


Try exercising a little bit everyday. I know it sounds like it would make you even more tired but after a couple weeks of exercising you will find that you have a lot more energy. Don't drink energy drinks. While energy drinks do give you energy at the time of drinking them, they are very bad for your health (trust me I drank 2 monsters everyday for 3 years and now I have kidney stones, and high blood pressure and I'm only 23). Energy drinks also give you a bad crash once they wear off and make you even more tired then you already were and you start to rely on them and are unable to function without them after a while.

I know how that feels sometimes and I think you need to anaylise your life to find out
where the problem is .

For example I wasn't very organised so I got confused Tired and then exhausted with changing my lifestyle a bit I felt bêtter .

Also what about Energy drinks they can give
you a boost and make you feel good.

Or excerise because I regularly go to the gym with friends and I feel refreshed and more pumped up

Find a Hobbie to because you might need chane or something to loom forward to

Im a Teen to ;)

has it just started recently? is it at a "certain" time of the month? my guess would be either it is your hormones, you are at that age, or because it is either that time of the month or going to be that time of the month soon, or......you could be anemic. You should go to your doctors if you are sure it isn't because you are going to start your period and let them know that you are always tired!! they will do some blood work and they will check the iron in your blood to check for anemia. i was your age when i was diagnosed as being anemic.

It could be many things. Depression, diabetes or low thyroid. See your doctor.

Have a redbull. It'll give you wings.

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