Really sick.. Scared help meeeeeeee?!

Question: Really sick.. Scared help meeeeeeee?
I'm 18 and I'm always sick. I guess my immune system sucks or something. Anyways, 3 weeks ago I had a sore throat a bad one, coughing, severe runny nose, body aches and pains and a headche with a 100.3 fever.
I went to the doctors but he brushed me off and gave me the 5 day pill back thing for sore throats. And I took tylenol, drank a lot of tea and got a lot of rest.
It lasted about a week I'd say.. but now it's back again, but worse!
I can hardly breathe because I'm coughing so much, I gag every time I cough and when I gag pounds and pounds of pleghm/mucus fills my mouth and I have to gag/cough it up and it takes so much energy and it hurts. I have body aches like crazy and now I have a fever of 101.3. I haven't slept at all. I woke up at 5 PM yesterday and it's 6:25 AM now. My doctors appointment is at 12 PM and I'm trying to stay awake till than because I don't feel good at all and I feel like it gets worse when I lay down, and my body hurts too much to sleep elevated.

Am I gonna like.. pass out or something by the time 12 comes?
Am I okay?
Is this serious?
Is 101.3 fever high?

Sorry my moms not home or anyone and I'm alone and scared lol not to sound like a little baby but I NEVER get fevers and I've had two this month.


Sounds like pneumonia of some sort. Go to the ER, or call the doctor's office to see if you can go earlier.

Your symptoms sound exactly like what I had when i was your age. It was bacterial pneumonia. 101.3 is a high fever but not something that would be life threatening.

I had a fever of 103 ON tylenol when it happened to me.

Go to the Emergency at a local hospital and get it checked out. It could be just the flu or something serious, it's better to be safe than sorry,.

Nothing is gonna happen to you mate. Add some salt to lukewarm water and gargle every hour. This shall help sooth your pain. Bear with it till you appointment with Doc.

I am really concerned about you dear do you know if you have ambulance and hospital cover as I don't know your country but seriously do not wait for doc call ambo's or get neighbours to run you to the hospital emergency dept if you ph the ambulance you will get straight in if someone drives you it could mean a lengthy wait in the horrible waiting room but you need to get to hospital I think you have an infection maybe even pneumonia it sounds like this has progressed into something more than just a sore throat like you have either a very bad chest infection and with the fever you have do not wait any longer ok where r your parents can't you phone them but if they're a long way from you get to the emergency dept hospital NOW ok no waiting Hugs Granny Mx GWS.

1.My Knowledge & experience do not mess with a fever with these symptoms especially associated with breathing problems

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