Ive been super tired lately?!

Question: Ive been super tired lately?
Okay well since like Thursday or Friday I have been so tired! Like ive been going to bed earlier then usual (8-8:30 which is early for me normally it's 9:30-10) and i want to take naps all the time and just sleep! I recently found out i was allergic to pineapple and had eaten some? Could that be the cause? Idk just throwin out ideas? Any help is much appreciated :)


I dont think the pineapple has anything to do with your sleeping pattern, maybe you're just mentally stressing yourself out, so maybe thats why you are feeling so tired lately :)

You probably lacked some nutrients. I honestly fill tired almost all the time because I refuse to eat healthy but at the same time I do not eat junk food. Vitamin pills can help, make fresh fruit smoothies see if that helps you wake up. Exercise. Pretty much the basic stuff to stay healthy which I do not do.

Well if your having allergic reactions to it i think that would be the problem. If you go to sleep other than what you would usually you will be tired in the morning.

i dont know exactly

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