Why does my stomach do this?!

Question: Why does my stomach do this?
After I eat, ill lift my shirt and see that my stomach is larger, but when I go to sleep and wake up in the morning, it'll be flat again. Same thing when I go to the restroom. I don't have a problem with it by any means. Just curious why and how this happens.


christopher, I really believe that this happens to just about everyone to some extent. It depends on what you had to eat. Some foods cause bloating, (gas,) but even just drinking water causes your stomach to protrude.
That's why the women on the Red Carpet are starving! lol

I know you weren't worried about it, but, christopher, you're normal!


Well you tend to be heavier in the night time since you obviously ate food during the day.
After you go to the bathroom, all that food is gone.
In the morning, you're ready to start afresh and that's why you look thinner.

Your stomach gets bloated, happens to a lot of people actually.
And there are ways to prevent stomach bloating, try a search engine.

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