What was your most embarrassing fart experience?!

Question: What was your most embarrassing fart experience?
Star if the event has scarred you!...


Lol, well it was a really embarrassing moment to me. I was about 13 years old and went to a mayor camp out. It was a bunch of groups from school. It was my first time camping. I was placed in a huge tent for 10 people. It was a 3 day camp out so we had public toilets around. It was so disgusting that I didn't go to the bathroom for 2 days and I peed when we went to a fast food. The second day I had gas and I didn't want to go to the bathroom. Someone in the tent started goofing around and they started a pillow fight. I cut the cheese. Everyone started screaming and laughing and ran out of the tent. It was really funny. The best thing is, they never knew who it was! >.<

One time in class I sneezed, and at the same time I cut the cheese >.< realllyy embarrassing. EVERYONE looked at me....

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