I have bad memory. What can i do to fix this?!

Question: I have bad memory. What can i do to fix this?
I have a short term memory. It has gotten me really angry lately. I never ever forget my homework at home. But i always lose my stuff. Like a month ago for example: I was holding my favorite Neckalce because i was going to wear it to the park. By the time i wanted to put it on i forgot where i had pout it . Its been like a month and a half since i've seen it ? What should i do to fix this? PS: I'm only 12 years old


Sleeping early helps improve memory (important!). Awareness or paying attention to things is also vital.
You might have been doing something else when you put your necklace down somewhere. Or maybe you should have a designated place where you should put your jewelry (e.g. jewelry box). For your homework, double check if your homework is there or not.

Experience and common sense

Oh dear, loosing things is shitty, i know, once i lost a golden necklace (ya, of gold), that an ancle gived me just when i born (ya). And i never tooked it, NEVER! i sleeped with it, etc. But one day, i decided to go scuba-diving (ya, i am a diver) with some friends, and when i went out the sea, i didnt found it.

It was hard, but i buyed a silver one, that i has been using for a couple of years and is my "new friend", it really reposes what you loose to test something new.

Hope i helped :D

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