Do i sound like i need to go on an antidepressent?!

Question: Do i sound like i need to go on an antidepressent?
im always:
hating my life
not want to do anything just want to be with my boyfriend
feel like i deserve to be hurt
cry for stupid reasons!
dont ever want to see anyone but him
stay in my room and do nothing but tv and pc
pop pain killers for happy : (
i feel like i am not supposed to be living, like i feel like there is not a purpose for me to be with anyone no matter what i do

i live with my mother alone and she is a drunk and she drives me nuts
my boyfriend is the ONLY ONE and the only thing that makes me happy
i have been with him for almost 4 years and when hes not with me i get all like this


wow! you're cute. and you've already been level 3 in Yahoo. that's mean you answered alot and helped other people alot. you should be proud of yourself. don't get so depressed. life is lovely for those who love it.
have a good time.... =]

it sounds like you might be might help,but what would really help is finding hobbies that you like.get into some kind of sport or club.also hang out with him some,but not too much.

It actually sounds like you are a teenager. Everything that you listed are all symptoms of being a teenager.

try mushrooms

Think positive, sweetie! My key to happiness is: think compliment, not complaint. Write in a mood journal- write what you ate, how you felt. Who you were with, how you felt. What you did, how you felt. Maybe certain excersises, such as running, make you more happy. If you keep a mood journal, you can see this. Try a sport. Sports and exercising give off a hormone that actually creates happiness, not to mention being thin. Try an after school activities, like drama club or photography. And, try thinking positive about your body, like, instead of, 'I hate my freckles.' Think, 'lots of people want freckles, and I have them! I'm special!' Things like that. Maybe some make up and a new hairstyle can brighten your mood. All people have a purpose, like, maybe you are good with kids, become a nanny. Maybe you love animals. Become a vet. Maybe you can draw. Be an artist. Jesus
created us for a reason, right? Speaking of Jesus, maybe you could seak out religious help. Having a god to speak to and come to with problems and joining a church or temple may help. Just hang in there!

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