how long will ecstasy stay in one's system?!

Question: How long will ecstasy stay in one's system?
On Friday night I gave my friend two ecstasy pills and today, a job she had applied for, called her to set up an interview which is going to be tomorrow :T. What is the likelihood that they will give her the drug test tomorrow? and how long will ecstasy stay in her system? she's about 5'5 and 170lbs (since it depends on people's sizes or something) and I'd feel really bad if she failed this drug test D; helpful answers appreciated so i can let her know! thanks in advance !


It stays in your system for a couple days, a week at most. If she doesn't do it a lot she should be fine, but tell her to drink a lot of water as it flushes out your system. The more she pees, the more that will be out of her system by tomorrow. It also depends on the potency but I'm sure it will be out of her system or the amount will be too small to be detectable. But it also depends on her metabolism too so yeah...

im pretty sure it gets outta your system in a day or two at the most.... i know coke dosnt stay in any longer than that... i think only marijuana can be found in your system longer than a few days

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