If you had ADHD and you were very self corrective could you stop the ADHD on you!

Question: If you had ADHD and you were very self corrective could you stop the ADHD on your own?
A friend of mine has it and i started thinking that if I had ADHD and knew about it everytime ide get off task i would automatically think "this is my adhd i need to go back to what i was doing before" Why is it so hard for ADHD people to not correct themselves considering they KNOW whats going on.


Well, I'm not entirely sure. I used to have ADHD, I say I still have it, just not as bad. As a child a peice of string on the hanging line would keep me entertained for hours, as of why, I don't know. I kinda am recovering from depression, I went through A LOT of self understanding trying to figure out why I was sad.. I think due to that my ADHD calmed down a lot. I still get entertained and amused extremely easy, and I get distracted a lot, but obviously not on purpose. When I do get distracted I try to go back to what I was doing, but it's kind of hard when there are other things to do around you. It's just the way it is. It's like saying "why don't dogs speak English? If i was one I would"... Bad example, I know. Lol.

Dude we don't know and if we do we are too damn lazy to do it cuz we wanna do something else

Well I have ADD which is ADHD without the hyperactivity.

And I'm a junior in highschool and I have to say, when I hadn't been diagnosed I was very aware of my inability to stay on task. Mentally I would scold myself to stay on task longer but it would be really draining and really really hard. It's not a discipline thing, because your mind is constantly jumping from irrelevant thought to the next. I would sometimes sit in class /determined/ to pay attention and not even realize when I started thinking about something completely off topic. For a long time, I actually thought that I was "dumber" than other people in some subjects.

When I was diagnosed and took medication, I had for the first time was able to sit through algebra, pay attention for the entire 56 minutes and then complete my homework in one sitting.

I was simply able to maintain my concentration because I had fixed the chemical imbalance that ADD/ADHD people have.

So yes, sure your friend is thinking "ah, man. I'm getting off track again, I better start working again..." But he/she is battling anything between internal distractions to external ones.

And fyi, this isn't with just things that bore me like math, even things I personally love doing like art, music and writing is hard for me. I'm constantly jumping from one thing to the next. I'll get bored with one drawing and go to the next, or start writing one story get impatient with it and start another. So I have a LOT of incomplete stuff, because I'm always getting new ideas--however random and off topic they are.

I have ADD and was tested and counseled for it.

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