How did you feel after sex, physically and emotionally? Women and Men!?!

Question: How did you feel after sex, physically and emotionally? Women and Men!?
How did you feel after sex, specifically the first time? Did it still hurt afterwards? Did you feel weird? Where was your mind? Did you feel any different? What did the actual penetration feel like to you? ETC.
Anything would help.
I'm not planning on having sex or anything, i was just wondering about it. :) thx in advance


I felt awkward afterward, I didn't know if I should act lke I was madly in love or what. Also, the actual event was painful and I didn't notice how the sex felt, it was just pain I felt. Afterwards there was a big wet spot soaking through my mattress like pee, but it was blood. Also, for week afterward I felt an intense itching, burning sensation at the opening of my vagina and I thought I had an STD, but it was the tissues healing up afterward.

Are you sure you really wanted to know this stuff?

sex doesnt hurt... maybe for a girl the first time, but if you use a good lubricant, it should be fine :)

its the best feeling you will ever feel... for both guy and girl. nothing better than an orgasm :D

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