Why do I keep burping and what can I do about it?!

Question: Why do I keep burping and what can I do about it?
I cannot stop burping, there not gross loud burps or anything but its very annoying, I know its something I ate because i usually eat really healthy, im vegetarian but once in awhile ill have meet.

My friend bought me a big mac last night, DELICIOUS! lol but I think it might be the burger that's making me burp, Is it because I usually don't eat meet or something?

And what can I do to get rid of it without medication or anything?


Usually burping is caused by inhaling too much air when you put food in your mouth. I don't think there is medication for it, just try eating smaller bites and drinking water between bites.

(I'm glad you enjoyed your Big Mac, but I'm surprised you didn't get sick after refraining from meat)

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