Is there a good secrets how to get back at your ex?!

Question: Is there a good secrets how to get back at your ex?
please help!


If you really want to get your ex back then you should check out this making up site. My friend said she tried to get her ex back and she said it works incedibly well and says she owes her relationship to that making up site...

So if you want your ex back then this might be your best bet

- Upload private sexy videos or images to a porn-site
- Gloss paint up the front of the car
- Dog turd smeared under car door handles
- Washing-up liquid bottle filled with the juice from a few jars of rollmops squirted through letterbox
- (If you can get in their house) Leave a steaming floater in the toilet cistern - an "Upper Decker"
- Buy a cheap PAYG phone with a camera and take photographs of nasty things like earwigs, dead mice, stinging nettles with spiders on, your own anus after a poo before wiping etc and SMS the image.

Unless of course your name is Michelle Bellamy. Michelle Bellamy should buy her ex a brand new Ducati 1198 in red and have it delivered to his new house. That'll teach him.

25 years as a Relate counsellor.

Yes .... Try Not Ignoring Even If You Wan't To Keep Your Act Of Hating For Breaking Up With You .

Talk ... Wait Till You Have Problems , Don't Pretend To Have One . Wait For One To Knock On Your Door !

If You're Sure You Can Trust That Person . Tell Them ... If You Aren't Sure .... Screw Them !

They Should Help You Through Problems If You're Sure You Can Trust Them With Your Heart .

If They're Heartless They Wouldn't Care .

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