Any snoring doctors in Sydney, Australia?!

Question: Any snoring doctors in Sydney, Australia?
I snore every night, loud and long. It is so bad I sleep in a separate room to my wife so she can get a good sleep. I went to my GP to speak about my options - she said "what do you want me to do? we can't just fix snoring you know" I told her I had seen many items on tv regarding the dangers of snoring and I wanted to get something done about it. she said she couldn't help.

can anyone suggest a 'snore doctor' in the Sydney area?

please don't just answer with 'no' so you can get your score up.


I'm stunned that you met up with such a dumb doctor. I have actually had graduate doctors say the same thing to me about a completely different medical condition. It is as though they are putting the ball back in the patients' court for anything that might go wrong. An insurance thing. Like the patient, he/she chose to do this. I didn't tell him/her to do it so I can't be held accountable by a court. You go there wanting treatment for a condition, not a pick and choose to avoid litigation.

The condition that you are talking about is known as sleep apnea. That may not be the correct spelling. However, I got that of the TV too. Yes, they said to have it treated and you did the right thing trying to get help. As they say try, try and try again.

Here is a list of specialists who treat sleep apnea. However it appears to cross over into chest disorders and a heart - lung specialist may be just as good or better, especially if you are in an industry where you encounter a lot of dust and soot.……

Australian Association of Sleep Disorders - you can joint with fellow sleep disorder suffers in getting help for your condition at this site…

Heart - Lung specialists………

Do not be deterred by this lady doctor who failed to help you. If you are a busy man in your forties or fifties with a young family; for God sake go to a doctor - another one with some sense and get referred to anyone of the specialists on the lists I have given you above. They are all from around Sydney. I tell you this. I live on the Far North Coast of NSW. In the last month, two fellows have died of heart attacks, sudden and without warning near where I live. Both happily married and hard working like yourself. The first was 57 years old. His family were grown up. His wife was shattered but is coping.

The second fellow was only 37 years old and he left three little kids along with a heart broken wife. For God sake don't neglect your health and leave a widow and kids because you can't make it to the doctors and because a doctor is too stupid to refer you for help. Both of these fellows were so busy they didn't see it coming. You know you have a problem. I hope that you get it fixed and have a long and happy life with your wife and family.

Good Luck!!!

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