Hot Flashes! Need help!?!

Question: Hot Flashes! Need help!?
i have been getting hot flashes recently, and they are increasing day by day. and I usually get them when i am trying to concentrate really hard while studying. maybe that is the cause but why would it be? is there something else wrong with me?
I thought maybe coffee (as ive heard) may cause hot flashes so i stopped coffee for a while and that did not seem to be the cause of my problems.
I am not experiencing any anxiety or embarrassment when i get the hot flashes.
any suggestions to stop/reduce them would be helpful.
oh! by the way i am 18 years old. and i;ve already had my period for this month. so don't think its that either.
hot flash usually last about a minute or two and is mainly on face and chest but sometimes whole body. i just feel like ripping my clothes off and jumping in a pool of ice cold water!!..


You got me... I find this.

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