Tips to stop getting drunk while going out?!

Question: Tips to stop getting drunk while going out?

So I've been noticing that my cognitive skills and brain functions in general have been suffering under my (reasonably) heavy drinking habits in the weekends. Usually I'd drink so much on saturdaynight that I don't remember anything from what I did when I wake up on sunday, and when I wake up I always have this thought saying "I'm never drinking (that much) again, and never smoking cigarettes again." Though, every saturdaynight, I'll just take that first beer again and get just as drunk as the week before.
Now I've been wanting to stop this bad habit for a while already, but I can never seem to stick to that principal when someone offers me a beer or any other drink for that matter.

Do you have any tips for me that might help me remind myself not to drink, or at least not to get all messed up, when I go out?

Thanks in advance,


I remember i had a fast food meal (maybe a little to much) right before going out, I couldn't get drunk no matter what or how much I drank.

Keep eating (even snack foods like chips or nuts) and drinking water between drinks if you still plan on drinking.
If you don't want to drink, stay home or toughen up.

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