Should i be concerned?!

Question: Should i be concerned?
Since the last couple of months i seem to crave the smell of toothpaste,bathing soap and washing powder and face wash, to the extent that i really really feel like eating or swallowing it. At times I'm nowhere near toothpaste but still feel like tasting it. I have however never actually eaten the stuff. I am perfectly healthy .I know its weird but any suggestions as to why this may be happening or how to get rid of this craving? Should i be concerned?


I am not really sure of the items you listed. But, for some I have knowledge.
Craving for items like plaster, chalk, toothpaste could be related to calcium deficiency. These days calcium can be accurately tested through blood tests. Otherwise, to be on the safe side, please make sure you are taking ample milk, or any other form of calcium. Then observe if you still have the same cravings.
-- Another thing: Sometimes mineral deficiency should also cause cravings. Like craving for alcohol.
-- Lastly, it could be hormone related. At different times, you may crave for different things based on hormone levels.
Good luck.

I love smelling washing powder a lot
and I used to love licking toothpaste when I was little

You may be lacking vitamens or minerals... Or you may have pica.

Still, both are related to pica.

Are you pregnant?

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