I have braces and play clarinet.....??!

Question: I have braces and play clarinet.....??
I've been playing for only a year unlike others in my class and i have completely caught up with them now and not to brag at all but am just as good or better(i have been told). I'm not sure if the braces have anything to do with this but once i play like one piece my mouth gets tired and it's hard to keep a tight embouchure so i end up having to fake because my mouth just can't do it. We have our spring concert in a few weeks and i really want to participate the whole time. Would taking Tylenol or advil help this? Advice would be great thanks so much! :)


I have played the clarinet, and several other woodwind instruments, for about seven years...For three of those years, I had braces and they really didn't give me much of an issue, unless i had just had work done on them like the day before or something like that. Advil or Tylenol might help temporarily but (not to sound like a teacher or anything) The best way to fix this problem is to practice. Believe me i used to have the same problem and ir really doesnt have mch to do with the braces. The more you practice, the more your muscles in and around your mouth will be used to playing the instrument anf the embouchure that is necessary. I promise practicing will help you build up a tolerance and your mouth will not hurt any more. Hope this helped:)

I had quiet the same problem i was told not to play, so i did not. They explained why as well. If you have recently got them then do not. It really hurts and the pain is very bad. I guess it would be ok to take something but you are gonna have to suffer the pain or give up.....................................?

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