Which Camera Is The Best?!

Question: Which Camera Is The Best?
I'm a Scene Model and my camera is crappy I need a good one, from Wal-Mart because yea lol.! So if you could leave a link or just a name? TANK YOU.!


I would suggest a Sony or Nikon, avoid fujifilm, kodak, olympus... I have a Sony Cybershot that I got for about $150 a few years ago, and it still takes fantastic pictures! Better quality than some friends that have new cameras too! You can't go wrong with Nikon either, and both of those brands will have plenty of choices in your price range. Don't go buying the cheapest Sony or Nikon though, invest in the better models and you will be much happier with your new camera! good luck

We need more info... what price range, specifially? If price is no object perhaps you could buy the hubble space telescope, that's a good camera

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