STUPID QUESTION: Are Gemini moons Intuitive?!

Question: STUPID QUESTION: Are Gemini moons Intuitive?
lol i know its dumb to ask this "but since its Yahoo ANSWERS" :)

one of my classmates at school has a Gemini moon
shes very intuitive she can feel what people are feeling without SAYING anything.. she can even know what i feel as well..


Moon in Gemini brings neurotic sensibility. A person who can easily be a politician, more of an intellectual and less of an passionate person. With great taste for humor, maybe a bit childish on certain occasions.
Can also bring exhibitionism, bisexuality...

In male horoscope it's the indicator of the need of an intelligent woman.
In female horoscope it's the indicator of an intellectual relationship (mental stimulation) as well as public approval and appreciation.

Position is very good for social relationships and dealing with people on a social level.

Sun in Sag, astrologer

You can be intuitive, I can be intuitive, anyone can be intuitive. Just because she has a gemini moon doesn't mean anything. Apparently the water signs are quite intuitive too! What do you know!! =)

No. But they pick up on social clues more easily than most people.

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