Why are Jews only nice to other Jewish people?!

Question: Why are Jews only nice to other Jewish people?
One day at school there was a teacher who was Jewish (I know he was because he mentioned it at the beginning of the year) and he was helping me study for my mid-term. He was being fairly nice and we always had a fairly amicable relationship until he asked me a question. The question was "Hey what are you doing for the holidays?" (I think he assumed I was Jewish prior to this event) I told him "Well I'm probably going to spend Christmas with my relatives" He then gave me a look like: Oh you're Christian... And then all of a sudden he started giving me a slight attitude. Whenever I would ask him a question from there on out he always gave me a half-*** answer where as before I made an intimation about how I was Christian he would give me some of the best answers about math I could find in the school.

So does anyone else think this to? Please answer this with the most logic you can possibly give it. I don't want a one line, tepid response. (By the way I'm not trolling I would really like to know and this isn't the kind of question you can ask people in real life)


Quite a wall of text here but it really depends on the particular person. I think people are mostly ironic though. Jews are actually quite nice depending on how non-Aryan you look. Jews have a mutual feeling towards other non-gentiles. If you are black. I am guessing you are maybe he's just racist

I believe they are nice to an extent. They do however get easily offended and think they know better then everyone else. But christians don't respect them very much. so you have to realize the differences in religions. if you do know what makes your teacher mad don't do it again.

You're teacher's just one Jewish person and Judaism is more tolerant in my opinion than christianity considering it doesn't threaten non believers with hell and it doesn't have people trying to convert people to Judaism.

I think you are generalizing, as all are not rude to Gentiles, but you are right that some act like they are better than them, and there is no reason for that, only to confirm their rudeness.

Because this one person did this you are going to say all Jewish people are like this? Come on you got to be kidding right?

If one woman said you were a lousy lover, would that mean ALL women thought the same?

That's not true. I'm a gentile and have many Jewish friends.

I think you're over-reacting. It may be true he presumed you were Jewish and he was surprised to learn you were Christian. I doubt it's anything more than a one-time minor disappointment.

Personally, I've had a lifetime of good relationships with Jewish folks. In my neighbourhood growing up, we were Pentecostals and the Jewish families in the neighbourhood were wonderful. The family next door fed me so often I developed a lifelong love of Jewish cuisine. As an adult, I've worked with many Jews. They knew I'm an atheist and have always treated me as a peer. I have no complaints.

Again, I suspect you're over-reacting. After all, you are a student and he is a teacher, so there will always be a certain amount of "professional distance."

I have not found that at all.

My ex had a wonderful Jewish lady as a friend. She was so nice, we asked her to be one of the Godmothers of our daughter (there had to be a Christian one, but, the archdeacon said it was okay to have a Jewish one too. Not all agree!). My daughter is 15 now, and we could not have picked a better person. She has been a wonderful godmother; she even researched to find out what she should do.

I have not met many Jews in my life, but the ones I have met are just people. I dated one for a while, but, we did not continue as we were not right for each other, but, not because of her religion. Others I have not liked quite so much. But, many have been nice to me despite my being Christian.

Actually, I had a Jew who knows I'm a Nordic Heathen want to chat and be my friend just today. I've had plenty of Jewish people who have been very pleasant to me and never had a problem with them in the US. (Never met one before moving here, btw) I think you just met one of the bad ones that is a very poor ambassador for their faith. Shrug it off and move on. The vast majority are not like that at all.

I'm sorry that happened to you, btw. You may want to check the nearest community college or university or state college (if they have them where you live) for a math tutor. For some studies and career paths they have to tutor others or otherwise assist in the learning process and this is usually free. Just have your parents take you there if you don't drive yourself yet and ask at the counselor's office and check the bulletin boards.

well im jewish and im nice to everybody!!! but i think it kind of depends on where you live. in places where there are alot more jews (new york, florida) i think they are more protective of their religion. since there are more people there they can afford to make enemies because they have a bunch of people around who share their beliefs. I live in the south and ive had to deal with people telling me my whole life how im going to hell and i feel like i can't afford to make enemies or be mean to anyone whose not jewish because then i would have to be mean to everyone because i go to a school of 1300 and im the only jew.
to be honest with you i really cannot imagine a jew being mean to you because you arent jewish. this just sounds absolutely absurd. unless you are 100% positive that he started being rude to you BECAUSE your a christian than i wouldnt jump to any conclusions. I HATE that this guy has spoiled your reputation of jews because in my opinion we're pretty awesome and chill.
based on this experience please please dont decide that all jews will act this way towards you or i will have to come to where ever you live and kick these peoples butts!

Jews think non-Jews want to kill them:


Lessons for Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - 6 Shvat, 5771

Halacha 7

Similarly, it is forbidden for a Jew to enter into privacy with a gentile, for they are suspect for bloodshed. Nor should one accompany gentiles on a journey. If a Jew encounters a gentile on a journey, he should make sure the gentile is at his right.

If they are making an ascent or a descent together, the Jew should be careful that he should be in the higher position and the gentile in the lower position, but not vice versa, lest the gentile fall on him with the intent of killing him. Nor should a Jew bend down before a gentile, lest he crush his skull.

Halacha 8

If a gentile asks a Jew where he is going, he should give him a misleading answer, as Jacob gave a misleading answer to Esau, as Genesis 33:14 states: "Until I come to my master, in Seir."

Halacha 9

It is forbidden to take medication from a gentile, unless there is no hope that the sick person will live. It is forbidden to be healed by a heretic, even if there is no hope that the person will live.

It is permitted to take a medication from a gentile for an animal, or for an external affliction - e.g., a compress or a bandage. If, however, the affliction involves a danger to life, it is forbidden to take medication from them. The general rule is: One should not take medication from a gentile for any affliction for which one may desecrate the Sabbath.

Halacha 10

It is permitted to ask the opinion of a gentile doctor and follow his directives if he says: "This drug is good for you; you should perform these and these treatments." One should not take the prescription from him directly.

Halacha 11

It is forbidden to have one's hair cut by a gentile in a private domain, lest the barber kill him. If the person whose hair is being cut is an important personage, it is permitted, because the gentile will be afraid to kill him.

It is also permitted for a person who creates an impression of being an important personage for a gentile barber, so that he will fear him and not kill him, to have his hair cut by him.

Halacha 12

It is forbidden to sell gentiles any weaponry. We may not sharpen weapons for them or sell them a knife, chains put on the necks of prisoners, fetters, iron chains, raw Indian iron, bears, lions, or any other object that could cause danger to people at large. One may, however, sell them shields, for these serve only the purpose of defense.

Halacha 13

Just as it is forbidden to sell such weaponry to a gentile, so too, is it forbidden to sell it to a Jew who will sell it to a gentile.


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