what can I use to heal chapped lips?!

Question: What can I use to heal chapped lips?
What are some good meds/lip stuff that worked for you? I've tried using chap aid.Its been 3 days and my lips are still chapped/peeling.

My lips became chapped after I ate a big bag of salt & vineagar chips(not saying that this caused it, but it probably didn't help)



There are tons of options. Original Chap Stick is good. Vitamin E oil is good. Vaseline is ok, for a short time, but personally, I prefer lip balms without it. Look for bees wax as one of the first ingredients, but not those that say "moisturizing" or that use primarily oils. From my experience, these actually tend to leave me with dried out lips, just as licking them does. Also, sometimes you need to smooth them out sometimes to promote healing. Try scrubbing them gently with a wash cloth, or even very gently with your tooth brush (sounds strange, I know), and then keep a good, thick waxy balm on them all the time. They should heal soon.

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Okay, now that i got that out of my system...Lets get to your question

Well, Ive been having recently the same problem
I just simply got some honey and cinnamon and mixed it together and put it on my lips and stayed so for a while...
my lips then felt alot smoother and looked better
Cinnamon + Honey is a very good combination for almost anything...[like its good for when you catch a cold and your neck hurts just mix those 2 and eat a little bit of it, and you will see that youre feeling better than before]
Hope it helped somehow

lubricate it with semen

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