what ways can i grow my hair faster?!

Question: What ways can i grow my hair faster?
ive got a pixie style hair cut like frankie sandford from the saturdays..

I want to grow my hair faster because i hate having short hair and wish i never got it cut ,Ive tried soo many things from people on youtube ,google yahoo answers etc..
At the moment ive tried:
-Avacado oil treatment
-taking vitamins
-drinking water(dont ask why i just got told it really helps hair growth)
-avoided hot irons (hair straightners)
-avoided blow drying my hair
-used natural shampoo and conditoner
-cut out on the hairspray,gel, etc..
-eat soo much healthier
i dont no weither this all helps?...

I was wondering if anyone could help me out?!
And i want it longer for my holiday which is in 4 or 3 months. So i need help guys!:)


well drinking water obvs. cuz water's good for you! your body is like 70 %. you need it regardless of whether you want to grow your hair.
secondly you need to have realistic hair expectations. it is possible for your max hair growth to be one inch month, but that's not a guarantee.
food wise, try incorporating some omega 3 fatty acids into your diet. it improves your overall health. if you're still considered, try chatting to a naturopath/pharmacist about biotin supplements. i heard that helps. but always make sure to consult with a professional when getting/taking these supplements.
best of hair luck to you.
and yeah what you're doing would def help. but you also need to make sure you're not doing too much. your hair will grow regardless of whether or not you do everything on your list. just find the things that work and stick with them. it also may be somewhat useful for you to oil the ends of your hair as its the oldest hair to protect from split ends and such.
coconut oil is quite good for hair. so try that and also castor oil. I have had success with both but I must say the castor oil really helps.
How often do you wash your hair? washing your hair too frequently can also be troubling.
get a journal, document it all.
best of luck with your hair journey.

Try Mane and Tail shampoo/conditioner. Apply amla oil to the scalp and massage it 3 times a day into the roots and scalp. Stimulate your scalp by applying an oil which contains sulfur such as Wild Growth Hair Oil.

use horse shampoo, seriously it works.

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