Bought expired beef jerky? what can i do?!

Question: Bought expired beef jerky? what can i do?
Last week i did some groceries shopping at Walmart, like i usually do, and i always buy beef jerky and i always buy the same brand. When i bought this 10lbs bag, i opened and ate it and realized that it looked different, more dark then usual, very oily and tasted pretty nasty. I thought, maybe they changed the recipe or something. last nite i realized it that it expired a YEAR AND HALF ago! i was pretty shocked as i wouldnt never have expected this. I didnt get sick (thank God) but still i think its pretty disgusting and unhealthy and made me wonder if other items are being "re-used" and placed on shelves. So, is there anything i can do? i mean, i don't want to file a lawsuit or anything, but i def. want to bring it to someone's attention because this is pretty unsatisfactory.


Return it ASAP. Ask to speak to the manager and share your concern. Don't be nasty; just appear to want to be helpful in solving a problem. Beyond that, email Walmart and tell them what you discovered. Insist that they take action on this so others are not exposed to this potential disaster.

Well, I would call your local Walmart...then the corporate Walmart...then whatever brand it is, call that company, too.
That is really gross, and chances are if you make it a big enough deal, you could probably walk away with free jerky because they don't want a lawsuit and neither do you.
Call and complain and ask for coupons for the trouble. This will probably be a long process and they will probably require you to mail in the unused portion as well as a receipt/proof of purchase, but it will be well worth it.

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