Diarrhea for three days... help!?!

Question: Diarrhea for three days... help!?
A few days ago (late Saturday) I got pretty sick and threw up, then all Sunday I stayed at home either throwing up or having diarrhea. By Monday I felt okay and didn't go to the bathroom at all, and I ate food such as apples, some plain rise and other light food. Then, this morning I woke up and was okay at first, then began having diarrhea again and am afraid to eat anything. This is kind of a problem because I'm already very skinny and afraid that it won't stop. HELP PLEASE! Is there any way to help my stomach feel better? I'd really appriciate it, thank you!


try and eat bland food for a few day and cut out lactose products, eat soup, crackers and salad and try green tea you can also get anti diarrhea tablets at the chemists, try and drink non fizzy drinks too as you can get dehydrated ,

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