Help, I have Lyme Disease.?!


Help, I have Lyme Disease.?

Alright, well I just got back from the doc today and found out that I have Lyme Disease. (Well, i'm still waiting on the blood test, but I have a bullseye, joint pain, outstanding fevers & headaches). This absolutly sucks!

Since saturday, I've had a pretty much constant fever ranging from 101 - 103. (its tuesday night now). Idk what to do, I can't take these fevers! Ive been popping Asprin and Motrin like their candy, but most of the time, they don't help me out too much. I wake up every night in a sweaty bed, that is, if I even fall asleep.

Im seeking people who have been through this, tell me how long did your fevers last?

I was prescribed Doxycyline, about many days does it take for the antibiotics to start kicking in?

Thank you.

PS - Just recently, its been tough for me to walk straight, my knees feel like there going to give out. Im assuming thats a normal feeling because of the joint pain?


Sorry, I haven't had Lymes, but I do know something about it.

If you have had a fever since Sat, and are still having it, call your doctor on the phone and let him know. He may be able to perscribe Tylenol III which will mostly bring down the pain and help some with the fever.

Fever is the body's way of fighting infection.

The Doxycyline should have kicked in by now. This is why it is important to call your doctor and let him know you still have a fever. He may need to increase your antibiotic dosage.

Lyme's can be very tough! It doesn't affect everyone the same way. It does cause pain in joints, in particular, knees.

The good news is, that caught early and dosed with a cycline, it can be cured and leave you with no residual effects. People who don't get treatment often suffer off and on for years.

Good luck!

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