Anyone know anything about lasik surgery?!


Anyone know anything about lasik surgery?

I am considering lasik surgery and have several questions.

First of all, is it safe? I recall hearing that it had a high incidence of complications but that was several years ago.

Also, how much should it generally cost? I've noticed that there seems to be a wide range of prices. Are these discount places hacks and scam artists or has the price come down recently?

And how does one find a good lasik surgeon?

Any info appreciated.


Lasik is considered safe and effective by medical standards, but is not perfect. It is surgery and there is no such thing as a perfect surgery, a perfect surgeon, or even a perfect patient.

I work for a nonprofit organization that certifies Lasik doctor patient outcomes. We don't provide Lasik, just Lasik information and certification.

Our organization reviewed FDA clinical trial data, studies published in medical journals and thousands of patient outcomes to determine that about 3% of refractive surgery patients (all types of surgery, all types of patients) have some sort of unresolved complication at six months postop, with about 0.5% being serious complications. Only after a comprehensive examination by a competent eye doctor would you know if your risk is normal or elevated.

Some national chains advertise as low at $299 an eye, but when you look at the financial reports of those same chains you will find that the averaged cost is about $1,350 per eye. Lasik cost varies from about $1,400 to $2,900 per eye, depending on the surgeon and technology, according to David Harmon, president of the St. Louis research firm MarketScope.

What you will pay will depend greatly on your unique circumstances and which procedure is recommended. Conventional Lasik ablation will likely be less expensive than wavefront-guided custom Lasik. All-Laser Lasik will likely be more expensive than Lasik with a mechanical microkeratome. Some clinics charge extra for "lifetime acuity" plans that provide additional surgery if required later. You are moderately myopic (nearsighted, shortsighted), but there are many other parameters that will need to be evaluated.

We have a list of doctors who we have certified or you may find want to use our 50 Tough Questions For Your Lasik Doctor to help screen any doctor.

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