I have this bad habbit...any quick cures?!


I have this bad habbit...any quick cures?

and i am the first one to admit, this sounds completely stupid. okay, here it goes...

i eithers THINK or HAVE to keep swallowing. (weird huh?). it just feels as if i have alot of saliva in my mouth and i have to keep swallowing it. it's super annoying and people say now i just do it because i keep thinking about it, and if i stop thinking about it it'll go away. but how do i take my mind off of it?

this sucks!


It sounds like an anxiety issue. I used to have to keep taking deep breaths as it felt like I wasn't getting enough air. The doctor taught me a way to help slow it down and it worked for me;

Breath in for the count of 7 and exhale for the count of 8 and do it 4 times.. it takes your mind off of the swallowing because your concentrating on your breathing and timming.

I know this sounds like hippy healing, but hoenstly it works. Not the first time but it might after a few goes.

hey any port in a storm right?

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