Does drinking red wine regularily really increase lifespan?!


Does drinking red wine regularily really increase lifespan?


as said above red wine does contain anti oxidants or flavinoids. and also as said above there are other sources that have more than red wine.

furthermore the alcohol component isn't cancelled out just because of flavinoids. in fact he healthiest way to drink red wine is sip it all day long - thats right one small glass over 18 hours every 15 minutes. i'm guessing that 2ml each time. this way the blood pressure lowering effects of alcohol - mostly from making you pee i imagine - are delivered constantly and not in a whack for an hour and then nothing for the rest of the day.

not really practical i'd imagine.

the only reason red wine gets publicity about being healthy is because there's lots of money in it, and the negative effects are ignored - good advertising!

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