I done plenty of drugs, u think it had a effect on me?!


I done plenty of drugs, u think it had a effect on me?

i done all types.. mostly everything execpt. herion or crack or acid.
i done shrooms smoke weed daily, did x.. the basic drugs i guess people can get.
is my brain damage u think? just want sum thoughts


Of course, it had an effect on you and on your body. There are no free rides in life or in heath and when you tamper with your body by feeding it poisons. It will have a negative impact. You may not see any sign of damage for years or until you are older but the damage will show in time.

Those in the medical field will verify that you can tell a former drug user even 7 years after he is clean (even if he only used marijuana). The reason why is because he will often develop paranoia, high blood pressure, heart trouble, memory issues, permanent brain changes, and even behavioral changes.

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